We work with all departments across Cork County Council, to transform the way that services are delivered.

Our Services

Design of services using the Service rePublic service design process. This process is based on the double-diamond approach incorporating the following phases:

  • Establish
  • Discover
  • Define
  • Develop
  • Deliver


Online Service Delivery

Service rePublic is using the Firmstep platform for the delivery of online services. Service rePublic provides the www.yourcouncil.ie portal for Cork County Council online services. The portal is live since November 2016. The Service rePublic team designs and implements the online forms and workflow for services on the Firmstep platform. There are over 100 services online at www.yourcouncil.ie.

We are working with all departments across Cork County Council, elected representatives, members of the public, community groups and businesses to transform the way that services are delivered, and to provide online services for more channel options with better access for customers. New services are added online all the time. Keep checking www.yourcouncil.ie for new developments.

Service Reports and Assessments

Service rePublic provides a suite of management reports for online services that are designed with customer departments. These reports allow Cork County Council staff to manage and monitor their services and to identify and allocate resources to the back stage process as needed. Service measurements are designed into the online service and a data governance process is embedded into the development of the online components. Customer departments can specify the reports and dashboards that they need as part of the final service delivery. These reports can be central to the production of KPI and other metrics and are an important output for the customer department. They are also a way for senior management in Cork County Council to see the benefit of the redesigned service. In conjunction with reports and dashboards, Service rePublic delivers a service assessment document that describes the service pre and post the redesign process. This assessment takes traditional service KPIs along with more strategic objectives and policies of the organisation to describe the state of the service. It also uses the digital standard from Government Digital Services in the UK as a benchmark for the redesigned service.

Workshop Facilitation and User Research

The facilitation of workshops and the use of service design tools and techniques for problem solving, ideation and discovery sessions is a key service provided by Service rePublic. A number of discovery sessions have been run to assist customer departments at the early stages of projects. Outputs of these include stakeholder maps and customer journey maps. Service rePublic also facilitates workshops between Cork County Council, its partners and customers and external organisations e.g. https://blogs.ec.europa.eu/eupolicylab/citizens-discuss-the-future-of-government-in-cork-ireland/

Service rePublic also carries out user research in the form of face to face interviews, online surveys, workshops and discovery sessions with focus groups. User research is compiled and documented. Outputs are summarised and if required, synthesis of research can also be undertaken to extract the key messages or issues from the research.