Global Conference 2018

Service Design Network Global Conference 2018 – October 11th & 12th – Dublin
The International Service Design Conference held in Cork last September has brought about an enthusiasm for the discipline of Service Design in Ireland and in particular has piqued the interest of other local authorities and government departments who are keen to learn from Cork County Council & Service rePublic. We are delighted to announce that due to the significant interest in Service Design generated by that event, the International Service Design Network has chosen Ireland as the host country for the Service Design Global Conference (SDGC18).

The global conference is now in its 11th year and this year over 800 international and national delegates will converge on Dublin Convention Centre on October 11th & 12th. The theme of this year’s conference Designing to Deliver focuses on the implementation of Service Design practices to achieve meaningful and measurable results.

Design is a major factor in contributing to positive customer experience and the transformation of customer services from good to great. In the private sector, design-thinking allows companies to become more competitive and innovative; while in the public sector, design-led innovation can make services more efficient and effective, thereby improving quality of life for all.

An impressive range of public and private sector keynote speakers (drawn from Ireland and abroad) will be combined with practical workshops that demonstrate how Service Design tools are being used globally to motivate and empower staff and to achieve improved service delivery models for our customers.

SDGC18 represents an unique opportunity to learn about design-led innovation and how it can help public servants to deliver better services for our citizens. Further information in relation to the conference and links to the significantly reduced public sector ticket rate can be found at