CIT Work Placements 2018

Sam Kingston

My time here in Cork County Council has been very worthwhile and beneficial. I have learned so much in such a small space of time. Over the course of the six months I worked on various projects including the redevelopment of the intranet, the planning website, and the housing repairs process. With the planning website we looked at changing things such as the language, the layout, and the overall content. We developed countless forms during my time here, some of the main ones include the Photography Competition form and Internal Communications form. We conducted interviews, facilitated meetings and attended workshops. The other students and I developed a close working relationship with the Service rePublic team and I have learned so much from them about service design. Working in a government body has also been very insightful. Cork County Council has a great reputation in Ireland which makes me more employable and also the industry of service design is relatively new in Ireland so there are ample opportunities.

Aaron Walsh

For the past few months I have been on my work placement with the service republic team. While here I have been involved in many projects which include re-designing the housing section of Cork County Councils website in order to make it more user friendly and easier to use. I have also been involved in creating online forms for water safety, community enhancement programmes, Anti-litter challenge and the roads department to name a few.
I’ve very much enjoyed working here as it has given me a much deeper and practical understanding of how service design is implemented in organisations and especially in the Council as we were only given a brief introduction in college to the whole area of service design. Overall I have had an enjoyable experience and would defiantly be interested in a future career in the area of service design.

Kealan Forde

I began placement on the Service Republic team in January 2018. To apply for this placement we needed to have completed a module in college in Service Design, so I had an idea of what this area entailed but this knowledge was quite basic. During my time here I have learned a huge amount about the area of service design through being part of different projects. Some of the different projects I worked on were in areas such as Fleet Management, Housing and Housing Repairs, Water and Ringbuoy Safety along with redesigning certain parts of the Cork County Council Website such as Housing. I have also learned about all the different processes involved to bring a project from the initial discovery phase through to its completion. I found this work placement extremely enjoyable and would highly recommend it to any student who has an interest in the area of Service Design.

Kamil Roman

I have had a great time on work placement in Cork County Council learning about how service design works in the public sector. Everyday presented something new to do and a new aspect of service design. I have been involved in many projects across the organisation but my main two projects were to do with housing repairs and re-designing the housing website. These two projects consisted of a number of workshops and interviews with staff and the public to truly understand their needs and wants. I got great satisfaction from working here because you know your work will benefit people and help them out. Being a part of the Service RePublic team was very enjoyable and has thought me a lot on what it’s like to work in real world to prepare me for the future.